Icebreaker: Pick a Topic

Icebreaker: Pick a Topic


  • Colored popsicle sticks (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange) OR colored crayons. Approximately 3 of each color
  • A paper bag for the popsicle sticks or crayons
  • Pick A Topic sheet (1 per student)




** Begin activity by explaining that this is a “get to know you activity” and that we will be working in groups of 4-5 with our mentors.


  1. Each student will take turns pulling out a color and answering the question that corresponds to that color. If they pull out a color more than once they can put the stick or crayon back in the bag and reselect another color.
  2. Go around the table until all students are finished. Adults, please feel free to participate in the activity with the students!



Download activity here

Grade Range: 4 – 8 

Time: 20-25 Minutes

(Life Skills)


Synopsis: Mentors will talk to students and get to know them through questions and answers.