Impact of Adopt A Class

It’s easy to measure a student’s success with a standard grading scale. And there are additional metrics that indicate to teachers and parents that a child is on the right path. These are the areas in which the positive force of Adopt A Class is most apparent.

Reduced absenteeism and improved communication skills are among the significant improvements. In addition, more than 90% of teachers surveyed say that:

Writing Skills

Adopt A Class had a positive impact on students’ writing skills.

Social Skills

Adopt A Class had a positive impact on students’ social skills.


Would recommend the Adopt A Class program to a teacher at another school.

Benefits of Adopt a Class

The benefits go both ways. Mentor teams credit the program with improved company morale, and more than 90% of mentors say that:

Team Building

Participating in Adopt A Class was a positive team-building experience.


Provided them valuable insight into the issues students living in poverty face.


Would recommend Adopt A Class to another company.

Year after year, the ongoing nature of Adopt A Class creates a lasting relationship between mentor teams and schools where they volunteer. 100% of schools engaged with the program have re-invited mentor teams each school year – a retention level that speaks to the value of this treasured resource.

Read more about our impact in our most recent annual report:

Annual report

I did not expect the many different levels that AAC would affect me personally and professionally…We had cross functional teams working together for the first time for a great purpose and people that had worked for the company for over 20 years that had never really spent any time together learned to work as a team and share work and AAC experiences.”

Jason Vaughn