The Adopt A Class Model

The Adopt A Class model positively impacts the schools AND businesses in our program. For the school, our program provides access to a variety of mentors and resources. For the organization, this engagement fosters a culture of teamwork and giving back in an authentic way.


Our approach to group mentoring is unique. By pairing teams of mentors with a classroom teacher, our mentors adopt a class for a school year. Throughout the year mentors engage with their students through 3 keys:

Monthly Visits

Educational Activities

Field Trips

Imagine a student named Jessica. Through our approach, Jessica is paired with Vega America in Preschool. From there, she’s connected with mentors from Redevelopment Authority in Kindergarten, Macy’s in the 1st grade, Children’s Hospital in the 2nd, and US Bank in the 3rd and variety of adopters until she reached 9th grade.

Just think about all of the interesting careers, role models, and experiences she will have been introduced to, all before her freshman year! Whether it’s a lesson on the importance of a proper hand shake, a field trip to explore one the largest corporations in the world, or simply an encouraging note from a caring individual, our mentors spark inspiration in students like Jessica to unlock their full potential.

We impact the adult volunteers too! Through the formula of putting together team from the same organization, our mentor:


  • Builds stronger relationships within their teams
  • Feels a stronger connection to their company and therefore remains at the company longer
  • Finds a connection in the community
  • Builds knowledge of challenges faced by our community’s youth
  • Gives back in a meaningful and direct way


Through our 3 keys to quality impact model, volunteers are able to give back in huge way in a short amount of time. AND, our program is FUN!

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“The experience with my adopter, although short, was rewarding. The students looked forward to their visitation because they felt that someone loved them enough to spend their time and monetary value to enable them to learn while also having fun.”

Jessie Vann

Rockdale Teacher