Field Trips

There is tremendous value in physically taking young people into a new environment that could be a window into their future. New experiences can be unfeasible for kids whose families struggle with transportation—they might not often, or ever, be able to engage in new experiences.  Students can begin to picture themselves achieving and contributing to a team when they’re able to see people they know modeling those behaviors. This is especially helpful for young people who may otherwise not see many examples of what that looks like.

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For many mentors, arranging the annual field trip can seem like a rather daunting task.  By following these guidelines, your work will be simplified.   If you plan the field trip properly, it can truly be a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone involved! Click below for step-by-step instructions!

Plan Your AAC Field Trip! - Mentors

Plan Your AAC Field Trip! - Teachers

Sample Field Trip Agenda and Template
Apply NOW for a Dater Foundation Field Trip Transportation Grant!

Students gain valuable experiences by participating in educational field trips. Though, we understand every mentor company may not be able to afford this kind of experience. Thanks to the ongoing support of the Dater Foundation, Adopt A Class is pleased to provide a transportation grant program to help mentors cover a portion of their field trip costs. Transportation grants up to $250 are available to teams on a first come/first served basis and preference will be given to non-profits and civic groups. The transportation grant process MUST be completed by the teacher on behalf of the mentored classroom.


For mentor companies 3 years or older, to be eligible for a field trip grant, you must complete a refresher mentor training. Safety is paramount for our adopters and students. Our training curriculum is constantly being updated and improved. Adopt A Class recognizes that a meaningful experience for both parties comes from an environment in which everyone feels safe. Sign up today for your refresher training by emailing our Corporate Relationship Manager, Erin Mullen.

Apply for a field trip grant!

Need Field Trip Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered!

While a field trip to your office is the most ideal and can be the most impactful, sometimes it’s just not possible. For when that is the case, your team can decide to either go to another place OR bring an experiential activity to the classroom. We’ve put together a database of organizations across the region that offer a variety of field trips options. Check it out and work with your teacher to determine the best kind of educational experience you can give your class.

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