Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a class for my team to mentor?

AAC staff works to partner a team with a school that is located near the place of business. The objective of a partnership match is to meet the interests, needs and resources of the organization and the school. If you have a specific school or teacher in mind, AAC is happy to explore whether a partnership makes sense.

I have a small business. Am I still able to help?

Many small businesses have successful partnerships with schools. The key is to know your limitations going into the relationship and committing to attainable activities that support student achievement. Many activities don’t require a lot of time or too many people at once. We can be flexible on the number of team members needed or additional field trips in place of class visits if it provides students a unique exposure to the business world. Talk to us about your concerns and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.

How do we go about renewing our partnerships?

A member of the AAC Program Committee contacts each mentor team each spring to discuss plans for the next school year. Changes in team liaison are noted and shared with the school and the business. We encourage sponsor companies to consider recommitting so as to maintain a consistent presence, provide opportunities to strengthen the relationship and encourage additional employees to join the team…maybe even field an additional team.

Is a financial gift required to field a mentor team?

AAC is an independent, local nonprofit and continues to exist through the generosity of our donors, sponsors and volunteers. We ask that our business partners consider a donation suitable for them, so they are able to meet their impact goal.

How long do partnerships last?

Most partnerships continue for as long as the relationship is beneficial and effective for all involved. AAC has some relationships that have been in place for a decade. Mentor teams stay with their assigned teacher year after year to maintain a consistent relationship with the students they’ve come to know.

The school year has already started. Is it too late to help this year?

No. In fact, mentor teams that begin late in the school year often feel they benefit from getting their “feet wet” before planning their activities for the next year.

Will you help us with suggested activities for our class?

Absolutely! AAC curates age-appropriate, grade level specific, and themed industry focused activities on our website, available in our Resource Center!

How much time will I spend in the classroom?

Unless otherwise specified, your teacher and class expect to have one hour of time with you.

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