Ice Breaker: The Power of “Yet”

Ice Breaker: The Power of “Yet”


  • Paper
  • Writing tool



  1. Students partner up with a friend. They make a list of things they struggle with in school – friendships, lessons, homework, etc.  Students are to begin each sentence with, “I can’t…”
  2. After students complete their list, they all come back together in large group.
  3. Each partnership stands. The first person reads one thing off of their list (EX: “My name is Kate and I can’t multiply…”) The entire class responds by shouting out, “YET!” and the student then reintroduces themselves (EX: My name is Kate and I can’t multiply YET!”)


** Talking Points: Explain to students the difference between a fixed vs. growth mindset.  Things may seem tricky at first, but by persevering, they will get it!  Effort makes you stronger!


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: 4th – 6th Grade  


Time:10 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are introduced to the concept of “Growth Mindset” with a focus on getting to know one another, communication, and presentation skills