Career Clusters


• Magazines
• Paper
• Glue
• Markers, pencils
• Print outs of the Career Clusters worksheet



Activity 1: Career Cluster Collages

1. Each adopter will get a different Career Cluster to review with their adoptees.  After you discuss your Cluster at your table, your students will be given time to flip through magazines to find words or pictures that relate to their given Career Cluster.  The adopters will be in charge of gluing the cutouts on the poster while the students continue to search for images.

2. We will save time at the end of the visit for each group to share their collage with the entire class.  Each student can point out an image included on the collage and provide a brief explanation for why it was included.


Activity 2: Career Charades

1. We’ll combine groups to form 3 teams.  Students will then be given the opportunity to act out various occupations in pairs of two.

2. First team to correctly guess the occupation will get a point.  An additional point will be given if they can correctly identify the career cluster the occupation belongs to.


Download this activity here!


By Covington Partners


Grade Range: 2nd-8th


Time: 30 minutes


Synopsis: Students will learn about different business industries and begin to explore careers they could aspire to in the future.