“Around the Room” Similarities and Differences

“Around the Room” Similarities and Differences

Materials: Lloyd Llama – Book & “Around the Room” Sheet



1. Share with students that today’s theme is “Relationship Skills.” Explain to
students what this means (i.e. getting along with others, being kind/being
respectful even when we are different).

2.Explain to students that today they are going to hear a story called Lloyd Llama and then play a game where they can see how they are the same as their classmates, but also different, and that’s a good thing!

3. Read the book LLoyd Llama aloud to students.

***NOTE: If teacher allows, you can move the students to a “group” setting (carpet, reading space).***

4. If students have moved, have them return to their class seats. Spread mentors around the room to be close to various groups of students.

5. Tell students they are going to now play a game where they will get to move around the room and answer questions about things they like, or things about them.

    – Choose two parts of the room that are spaced out (with enough room for students to move there and stand together). If there are enough mentors present, station one mentor at each designated location.
    – Explain to students that you will tell them two things, and they must choose ONE that they like best. When they have decided which they like best, they will walk to the designated space that correlates with that item (ex. statement: “If you like dogs, go to the carpet, if you like cats, go to the bookshelf.”). Be sure to tell students that they cannot move until you say “go” or a similar starting word, and that they must walk, not run for safety.
    – Complete as many statements from the “Around the Room” sheet as time allows. Your team may include additional statements that fit your interest or the students in your class.
    – Throughout the activity, mentors can stop and talk with students about their choice. As time allows, students can talk to each other about their choices and explore what it is like when they have similar interests vs. different interests. Mentors can explain to students ideas about being friends with and being kind to others who do not like the same things as them (make connections if students specifically name a friend
    who went to the opposite spot).

5. End the lesson by explaining how kindness is an important skill to have in careers and everyday life, and how it’s important to show kindness and empathy. Feel free to share examples of kindness in your own personal lives as you work with the students and end the lesson.

6. Finish up today’s lesson by reviewing some of the safety signs the students saw during the game (most of them were in the book!). Encourage students to look for some of these signs around their neighborhood.


Tips: Position mentors wherever students will be. Ask the teacher for any input about types of questions outside the ones provided.


Download “Around the Room” Similarities & Differences Activity here.


Grade Range: K-2nd


Time: 30-40 minutes


Synopsis: Students will learn how people can be different or similar and how we can be friendly and kind to others even if we aren’t the same or like the same things! Mentors will read the book Lloyd
Llama with the class and then complete and “around the room” activity with the students.