Recommended Reads (October) – How to Tame My Busy Brain

Recommended Reads (October) – How to Tame My Busy Brain

For the month of October, Program Manger, Megan Moore read and reviewed How to Tame My Busy Mind by Kristy High. Check it out below!

“In an active and busy world, many of us, including children, grapple with an ever-active mind, perpetually racing with thoughts and worries. The difference is that most children do not realize or understand what is going on, or if it is ok to talk about it with others.

Local Cincinnati author Kristy High’s How to Tame My Busy Brain offers young readers a relatable and accessible journey into the art of managing their thoughts and feelings. High’s approach to addressing busy brains is both empathetic and age-appropriate. She tells the story of a young character named Sam, who struggles with a mind that is constantly filled with worry, fear, and anxiety. This relatable character enables children to connect with the challenges of managing their thoughts and emotions in everyday situations, such as playing with friends or participating in their classroom.

One of the strengths of How to Tame My Busy Brain is its simplicity. High breaks down complex concepts into easily manageable strategies that children can grasp. She introduces practices like journaling and appropriate self-care in a way that allows children to see themselves as capable of managing their thoughts. It is notable that she highlights the benefit of speaking with a trusted adult or a professional about those thoughts and feelings.

High’s book also encourages self-compassion and emphasizes that it is okay to worry, be anxious, and acknowledge feelings. This message of self-acceptance is a vital aspect of teaching children how to handle their thoughts and emotions with grace.

As the book ends, High includes a small activity suggestion to guide students to identifying those thoughts and feelings. This book is a wonderful resource to provide to children who may be experiencing anxiety, worry, or fear in their lives.

To purchase How to Tame My Busy Mind, click the link below.

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