Adopt A Class Launches Innovative K-2 Program to Promote Literacy in Young Students

Adopt A Class Launches Innovative K-2 Program to Promote Literacy in Young Students

In observance of National Literacy Month, Adopt A Class, the leading group mentorship nonprofit organization in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new K-2 program this fall. This groundbreaking initiative is set to transform early childhood education and is made possible through a strategic partnership with Crayons to Computers, a renowned provider of classroom resources and support.

Adopt A Class has been a pillar of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities for 20 years, connecting local businesses and professionals with schools in underserved communities to provide valuable mentorship and resources. With the revamp of the K-2 program, Adopt A Class is curating the impact on the earliest stages of a child’s education, reinforcing its commitment to the cradle-to-career continuum. Amy Cheney, President and CEO for Crayons to Computers, says “Crayons to Computers is so pleased to partner with Adopt A Class as they enhance their K-2 program. The Literacy Crates are a wonderful way for Adopters to focus on literacy while engaging younger learners. Pairing a featured book with activities and manipulatives from our Crafts with Conviction program showcases career and life skills while using multiple senses, ensuring students retain the lessons they have learned. This collaboration provides a win-win-win for the students served, the adopters, and our organizations!”

Adopt A Class K-2 Key Program Highlights:

  • Partnership with Crayons to Computers: Adopt A Class is proud to collaborate with Crayons to Computers, a nonprofit organization that has been serving teachers and students in the region since 1997. This partnership brings together Adopt A Class’s expertise in mentorship and community engagement with Crayons to Computers’ extensive knowledge of educational resources.
  • Literacy Crates: A unique aspect of the K-2 program is the introduction of “Literacy Crates.” Mentor teams, consisting of dedicated volunteers from local businesses and civic groups, will bring these specially curated crates into participating classrooms. These crates will be filled with age-appropriate books, engaging activities, hands-on materials, and other essential resources, tailored to meet the specific needs of young learners.
  • Focused Early Intervention: The K-2 program places a strong emphasis on early intervention and support, targeting students in their formative years. By providing mentorship, resources, and a nurturing learning environment, Adopt A Class aims to build a strong educational foundation for these students, setting them on a path to lifelong success.
  • Community Engagement: Adopt A Class is committed to fostering community
    engagement and collaboration. Through this program, local businesses and
    professionals have the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth and development of the next generation, reinforcing the idea that education is a community responsibility.
  • Sarah Wallis, Director of Programs for Adopt A Class, expressed enthusiasm for the K-2 program, saying, “We are excited to see the new program in classrooms this fall! Megan Moore, AAC K-2 Program Manager, Crayons to Computers’ Crafts with Conviction program staff have worked together to create resources and develop an engaging K-2 curriculum that will meaningfully impact the lives of K-2 students throughout our community.”

    In addition to launching this exciting new program, Adopt A Class would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Dr. John Hutton, Blue Manatee Press founder and publisher. Through Dr.Hutton’s book donation to Adopt A Class, many students within our program will receive a brand-new book to take home with them, reinforcing the correlation between number of books in the home at an early age and positive benefits for children.

    For more information on how to get involved with Adopt A Class, please visit or contact Sonya Fultz, Adopt A Class CEO, at [email protected].

    About Adopt A Class:

    Founded in 2003, Adopt A Class (AAC) is a non-profit organization with a vision of a Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky where all students have access to caring adults who expose them to a breadth of life and career experiences so they can unleash their full potential. Currently, 300 business and community groups mentor almost 10,000 students in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

    About Crayons to Computers:

    Crayons to Computers is a nonprofit organization that provides free school supplies and educational resources to teachers and students in need. With a mission to inspire and equip students to succeed in the classroom, Crayons to Computers has been serving the community since 1997.

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