Recommended Reads (September) – Hood Feminism

Recommended Reads (September) – Hood Feminism

Happy September, but also– Happy National Literacy Month! This month Program Manger, Miranda Sadler read and reviewed Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot by Mikki Kendall. Take a look below!

“The key to a great nonfiction book is readability. Mikki Kendall, author of Hood Feminism, uses first-person viewpoint and accessible language to make this book easy to move through. She touches on a number of different topics and concepts that are tied back to her lived experiences that give this text a narrative feel. This style of writing feels more like a conversation we might have with a friend, making it a very approachable read. That being said, there is an amazing depth of content.

What originally drew me to Hood Feminism, was the focus on the intersectionality of an issue that is so often oversimplified. The author, Mikki Kendall, calls for inclusion and solidarity across the board. With chapters on food insecurity, living wages, medical care, housing, and more, Mikki urges readers to go deeper. A race is not over when the first runner crosses the line, but rather when the very last person has made it to the goal. The fight for women’s rights and gender equality is not a new story, but the layers of overlap with other social justice issues give this topic a fresh light.

The chapters are well-titled and laid out in a way where each concept or stigma is individually addressed, but still tied back into the overarching theme of intersectionality. I love a text where you can start at any chapter and not feel lost.

Mikki does a great job of touching on some very heavy subject matter, in a way that leaves you thinking positively about the future. Finishing Hood Feminism will leave you thinking, how can I do more?

To purchase Hood Feminism, click the link below.

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