Recommended Reads (July) – Enrique’s Journey

Recommended Reads (July) – Enrique’s Journey

Adopt A Class is thrilled to share our July Recommended Read.

This month, Corporate Relationship Manager, Erin Mullen, read Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario. Below is her review. Check it out:

“There are many complicated issues to unpack in Enrique’s Journey. As I was reading this true account of one migrant’s odyssey to reunite with his mother in the United States, there were two themes that resonated with me most – poverty and generosity. Written by a reporter after she retraced his journey and conducted interviews, this insightful story depicts the challenges and struggles people endure in search of a humble living, belonging, and love.

Many mothers from Central America leave their countries for economic opportunities. In doing so, their children are left behind. If they did not feel the need to leave because of poverty, would their sons and daughters be faced with the decision of whether to make the arduous journey themselves to seek their mother’s love?

While migrants are traveling through Mexico riding on freight trains, there are stops where they need to hide and stay out of sight, and other places where they are greeted by the poorest of the poor. These caring individuals run to the tracks when trains approach and offer food and clothing. The perilous situations encountered by migrants are many, but the generosity of compassionate communities offering shelter, and handing out a sweater here, and a tortilla there, warmed my heart.

Enrique’s Journey provides a detailed and researched story on why migrants from Central America risk so much to travel north. What themes will stand out to you?”

To purchase Enrique’s Journey, click the link below:

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