AAC Program Manager, Courtney Burgtorf, featured on No Typical Moment’s Podcast

AAC Program Manager, Courtney Burgtorf, featured on No Typical Moment’s Podcast

We are pleased to share that our Program Manager, Courtney Burgtorf (former AAC Marketing & Communications Manager) was featured on the No Typical Moments Growth Marketing Podcast.

No Typical Moments is a ” benefits corporation that provides specialized digital marketing solutions for clients. This includes media buying campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and back-end email marketing solutions to help scale messages of the world’s top thought leaders.”

Prior to Courtney’s position change within our organization, she had the chance to sit down with Andrew Gottlieb, Founder and CEO of No Typical Moments, to speak on marketing on a non-profit level.

In the episode, Courtney shares the power of marketing for a non-profit and how to reach a larger audience through a social marketing lens. While explaining the importance of Adopt A Class, she shares that in order to be a good marketer, you must “understand your audience and understand who you’re serving/ who you’re trying to market to. When you put yourself out there in the community through volunteering and working for that greater good, you’re going to start understanding your audience and how to tell that story.”

At Adopt A Class we strive to understand the students we serve, in order to properly tell their story. As we have found that this is critical in non-profit social marketing, we encourage all organizations to understand their audience. We would like to thank No Typical Moments for allowing Courtney to join the podcast and share her marketing expertise and our program!

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