Winter Back-To-Back Drawing

Winter Back-To-Back Drawing


  • 2 sets of 2 separate simple winter images per group (see attached) – plan for approximately 14-15 groups of 2
  • 28-30 clipboards
  • 2 sheets of plain paper per clipboard (approximately 60 sheets)
  • One pencil or black marker per child (they may use their own)



  1. Students are broken into pairs and asked to find a spot in the room to sit.
  2. Mentors pass out one clipboard outfitted with 2 sheets of plain paper per student.
  3. Mentors pass out one writing utensil per child
  4. Students are asked to be seated sitting back to back
  5. Mentors pass out two images to each child. Groups will have same images (example: each pair will 4 different images, but all groups will have the same 4 images.)
  6. Mentors will explain to students that the first person in each pair will start by describing the first image they have. Their partner will have to attempt to draw the image based on the information that their partner provides.  Example: Snowman…partner says, “Draw three circles on top of each other…add arms on each side, etc.”
  7. When partner feels they have adequately described their image, they may move onto their second image. Repeat the process.  When their second image is complete, partners’ turns switch.
  8. Repeat the process.
  9. When both partners have drawn, they may share their drawings with each other. How accurate were their drawings to the original images?

**Talking Points: Was this activity difficult or easy?  What would have made it easier?  Why is listening an important part of this activity?  Why are details and describing words important?


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Winter Back-To-Back Drawing

(Life Skills)


Grade Range: 4-8   


Time: 30 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are given simple images and asked to break into back-to-back partner groups to draw the images as described by the partner.  Collaboration, teamwork, and creativity are at work in this fun lesson!

collaboration, drawing, life skills, Teamwork