Why Your Habits Matter

Why Your Habits Matter

Materials: Links to Assist: Why Your Habits Matter Success Is Not An Accident



  1. Mentors will begin the lesson with the first link above ‘Why Your Habits Matter.’
  2. After viewing the video, ask students to think about their habits – specifically what they consider to be their bad habits. For example: forgetting to brush their teeth.
  3. Seek answers from students as to why it is necessary to attempt to break bad habits. What happens if we don’t? What happens if we do?
  4. Let students know that they are to brainstorm one way – just one – that they can attempt to change the bad habit they came up with in the icebreaker. In the case of forgetting to brush your teeth, perhaps leaving the toothpaste and toothbrush out on the counter will serve as a reminder.
  5. Let students know that you will be following up on their progress at your next visit. Mentors, be prepared to do the same with your bad habits!
  6. Finally, view the last video linked above: Success Is Not An Accident. It’s a great example of how good habits, hard work, and determination make a difference and when kept up with, can lead to our future success.

    Download activity here

Grade Range: 6th-8th

Time: 20 minutes **Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer.**


Synopsis: Mentors and students will discuss the importance of maintaining good, and healthy, habits. Mentors will discuss with students how taking control of their bad habits
can help them to shape the life that they want.