Ice Breaker: Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

Ice Breaker: Valentine’s Day Mad Libs


  • One Mad Lib per group of two (viewable when downloaded)
  • Pencils



  1. Students partner up….2 students and one mentor per group
  2. Students are given one Mad Lib sheet to fill out per group.
  3. Mentors have the story copy and will read off each part of speech the kids need to write down.
  4. Students are given 5 minutes to fill out their Mad Lib sheet and another 5 minutes to fill in the story sheet from their completed parts of speech list.
  5. Students are then given the opportunity to share their Mad Lib with the class!


*This is a fun way to begin your visit!  One suggestion would be to quickly review verbs, nouns, adverbs, etc. with the kids in case they can’t quite remember!  Below are two examples of Mad Libs to be used for this project!


Download this activity here



Ice Breaker: Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

(Life Skills)


Grade Range: 3-6   

Time: 15 Minutes


Synopsis: Students work in partner groups to complete funny Valentine’s Day Mad Libs!