Swivel- Social Media Marketing

Swivel- Social Media Marketing

Materials: Swivel- Social Media Marketing ; Links to assist: Swivel- Social Media Marketing Instagram Activity Sheet, Swivel- Social Media Marketing TikTok Activity Sheet, Swivel- Social Media Marketing Twitter Activity Sheet, Swivel Ad Examples Powerpoint Presentation



1. Start your visit with the Swivel Presentation linked at the top of this lesson plan.

2. After finishing up the Swivel Presentation (no more than 10-15min), ask the students to think about effective social media marketing they have seen.

“Why was the ad effective?”

“What made it memorable?”

“Did it make you want to purchase the product or service?”

3. After discussing the presentation (about 5min-10), have the class break up into 3 separate groups. Explain to the class that each group will be given the task to come up with their own social media marketing ad for a specific platform and product.

Group 1: Make your own Instagram ad

Group 2: Make your own TikTok ad

Group 3: Make your own Twitter ad

***NOTE: Make sure each group has 1-2 mentors assigned to help out and facilitate the group activity. The mentor can ask guiding questions but should let the group of students take the lead on developing the ad***

4. After students complete their Social Media Marketing Ad (give them about 30-40min), have each group present their ad to the class.

***NOTE: Feel free to have students from other groups ask questions or make comments about the ad being presented. Make sure questions and comments are respectful and well-intended.***

***NOTE: While groups are presenting their ads, have a mentor start passing out snack to help with wrapping up the visit.***

Download Swivel- Social Media Marketing Lesson



Grade Range:6th-8th


Time: 30 minutes


Synopsis: Students will learn about social media marketing, best practices, and work together in small groups to create an ad catered to a specific social media platform, product, and audience.