Safety Sign “Memory”

Safety Sign “Memory”

Materials: Runaway Signs – Book & 5 sets of “Safety Sign ‘Memory’ Game



1. Begin today’s lesson by asking students if they can think of any signs they see in their neighborhood. What do those signs mean? Why are they important? Ask students what they think might happen if all the signs in the neighborhood took a break for a day.

2.Read Runaway Signs aloud to students.

***NOTE: If teacher allows, you can move the students to a “group” setting (carpet, reading space).***

3. After finishing the book, separate students into up to 5 small groups with at least one mentor paired with each. Groups do not have to be a specific number—base them off how many students and mentors are present. Each group will need one set of the “Safety Sign ‘Memory'” game.

4. Explain the instructions of “Memory” to the students:

    – Students will take turns turning over cards trying to match safety signs.
    – They pick up one card, see what it is, then see if they can find that card’s match by turning over a second card. If it is not a match, their turn is over and it goes to the next person. If it is a match, they get to go again!
    – Encourage students to pay attention to where other students turn over cards so they can remember when it is their turn.
    – Once all matches have been made, the game is over! Feel free to mix up the cards and play again if time allows.

5. See the “Tips” section below for additional activities you may do if you have extra time or want to change things up.

6. Finish up today’s lesson by reviewing some of the safety signs the students saw during the game (most of them were in the book!). Encourage students to look for some of these signs around their neighborhood.


Tips: If you end up with some extra time, have students practice some of the actions represented by the signs (i.e. stop, caution, crosswalk). Play “Red Light, Green Light,” if there is space! Check out those instructions here if needed.


Download Safety Sign “Memory” Activity here.


Grade Range: K-2nd


Time: 30-40 minutes


Synopsis: Students will hear about what happens when all of the safety signs in the community decide to take a break! This is a great opportunity to discuss with students the importance of safety rules and guidelines and what can happen if they aren’t followed.