MLK Day Eggs-periment

MLK Day Eggs-periment




  1. Break your students up into groups of 4-5
  2. Make sure there are 1-2 adults per group
  3. Pass out two bowls, one brown egg, and one white egg to each group
  4. Pass out one worksheet to each member of each group
  5. Carefully have the students handle each color egg – have them observe the similarities and differences and color on their sheet
  6. Have the mentor crack the brown egg into a bowl followed by the white egg into a separate bowl
  7. Ask the students how they look different
  8. Complete the worksheet


Talking Points: What did this eggs-periment show us?  What does this mean when we relate it to people?

Lesson Extension:  Bring a MLK Day book to read to the students prior to beginning this lesson!


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MLK Day Eggs-periment

Adapted from

(Life Skills)


Grade Range: PreK-2   

Time: 20 minutes


Synopsis: Students will examine two different eggs to discover what makes them different and what makes them the same.