Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn


  • Paper
  • Pencils



  1. Begin by telling students that money earned in jobs is often influenced by the amount of education/skills yo have (examples below). Entry-level wages are approximately:
    • Non-high school graduate – FAST FOOD WORKER = $6.15/hr.
    • High school graduate DENTAL ASSISTANT = $11.00/hr.
    • Two-year college graduate GRAPHIC DESIGNER = $15.35/hr.
    • Four-year college graduate DIETICIAN = $19/hr.
    • Master’s degree SPEECH PATHOLOGIST = $23.90/hr.
  2. Have students pick a career from the above (or similar) list.
  3. Lets’s play a game. Choosing a career on the list above, ask students to figure out what is the estimate daily salary for an 8-hour day. Then have students estimate the weekly salary for a $40-hour week, then a month.
  4. Have students discuss salaries and other advantages or disadvantages to educate and skill training. Feel free to use a phone to look up other wages during the discussion here.
  5. The goal is to motivate students to stay in school and take advantage of everything opportunity.
  6. If there is time, have students assist you in creating a bar chart that compares the number of occupations in 3-4 wage ranges or degree required.


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: 4th – 8th grade


Time: 30 minutes


Synopsis: The level of education obtained has a huge influence on the job opportunities available. In this lesson, students will explore how successfully achieving their education can yield a larger income in the future.