Ice Breaker: Pumpkin Fight

Ice Breaker: Pumpkin Fight


  • 25-30 sheets of orange paper
  • Writing utensil



  1. Students will be seated at their desks/tables and will each be given one sheet of orange paper
  2. Students take about 5 minutes to write down 3 things about themselves – favorite food, animal, number of siblings, etc. on that sheet of paper
  3. After all students have completed writing down their facts, they will all gather on one side of the room
  4. Students will throw their “pumpkins” onto the other side of the room
  5. Mentors will call on one student at a time to go “pick a pumpkin”, unwrap the paper, and read the facts.
  6. The student who wrote those facts will raise his/her hand, claim his/her pumpkin, and will choose the next pumpkin from the “patch” to read out loud
  7. Repeat this process until all students have been identified!


Download this activity here.

(A fall version of Snowball Fight!)


Grade Range: 7-8   


Time: 15 Minutes


Synopsis: Students write three things about themselves on an orange sheet of paper that the other students will pick up, read, and guess as to whom it belongs!  This fun ice breaker is another fun “get-to-know-you” activity and works on those life skills of speaking in front of others and sharing unique information about ourselves in a fun, confident way!

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