Ice-Breaker: Create-A-Spooky-Sentence

Ice-Breaker: Create-A-Spooky-Sentence


  • One pack of construction paper
  • Ziploc bags to hold each groups’ sentence fragments
  • 10 sentence fragments (to go into the Ziploc bags; see attached fragments or create your own!) per group
  • Glue sticks – 1 per group
  • Printout of the sentence fragments below.



  1. Students will be broken into groups of 3-4 and will spread out in the classroom to find a good space to work
  2. Mentors will pass out one Ziploc of fragments, one piece of construction paper, and one glue stick to each group
  3. The students will read their fragments and work to create a sentence that they will glue, in sentence format, onto the construction paper
  4. When all students have finished, they will stand and read their sentence to their peers


Download the activity here.


Grade Range: 3-6   


Time: 10 Minutes


Synopsis: Students will break into small groups and be presented with sentence fragments.  They will work with those sentence fragments to create a funny, and spooky!, sentence.  This lesson will focus on teamwork, creativity, and presentation skills.

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