Ice Breaker: Change your Words, Change your Mindset

Ice Breaker: Change your Words, Change your Mindset

(adapted from a lesson featured on – check here for more examples of fixed vs. growth mindset)



  • Index cards with ‘fixed mindset’ phrases on them
  • Blank index cards
  • Writing tool



  1. Mentors explain to the students the difference between a fixed vs. growth mindset.
  2. Students are given an index card with a fixed mindset phrase – “I can’t do it”, “This is too hard…”, “I don’t want to”, etc.
  3. Students are challenged with the task of changing the phrase from one that is ‘fixed’ to one that is ‘growth’ – they will write the new phrase on the blank index cards provided
  4. When student pairs have finished, they will stand in front of their groups and introduce themselves.They will present their old vs. new phrase.
  5. Students and mentors discuss which sound better and why


**Talking Points:Why is this shift in self-talk important in life?  How can this help you to achieve your dreams?


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: 7th-8th Grade   


Time:15 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are introduced to the concept of “Growth Mindset” with a focus on getting to know one another, communication, and presentation skills