“I Am” Poem

“I Am” Poem


  • Poem Template (viewable when downloaded)
  • Writing utensil for each child



  1. Explain to the students that April is National Poetry month. Ask them to share different types of poems that they have heard of or written.  What are some typical qualities of poems?
  2. Tell the students that they will be creating their own “I Am” poem; a poem that is unique to them and them alone.
  3. Let the students know that this poem has three “stanzas” – explain the meaning of “stanza” to the students (a group of lines in a poem) that each begin with the word, “I”
  4. Read the example provided.
  5. Hand out the template for the students to begin writing their poem
  6. Spend time writing your own poem and circulate the room to assist the students as needed
  7. If time permits, encourage students to share their poems with the class.


Download activity here

“I Am” Poem

adapted from www.readwritethink.org


(College & Career, Life Skills)


Grade Range: 5-8   

Time: 35 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are given a model from which to create their poem.  This poem takes a look into the unique parts of each of us that make us who we are!

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