I Am Grateful For…

I Am Grateful For…

Materials: None ; Links to assist: Thanksgiving Story for Kids – The First Thanksgiving Cartoon for Children | Kids Academy, Turkey Cut-Out



  1. Mentors will begin the lesson by telling students that today’s topic is the Thanksgiving holiday. Then, they will take a few student volunteers to share what they know about the holiday.
  2. Once students have shared what they know, mentors will tell students that they are going to watch a short video on the history of Thanksgiving in America.
  3. After the video is complete, reiterate to students that this holiday serves as a time to celebrate the things they are grateful for, as well as to spend time with family and friends.
  4. Now tell the students that they are going to be creating their own turkey cut-out. Students will use scissors to cut it out and then they will glue it all together piece by piece. On each feather of the turkey, tell students to write a few things they’re grateful for. You can share a few examples to prompt the students thinking. Examples of this includes:
    • Grateful for… my pet!
      Grateful for… my parents!
      Grateful for… good health!
      Grateful for… my best friend!
      Grateful for… yummy food!
  5. Then give students roughly 15 minutes to complete the turkey cut-out. Mentors be sure to make your own and also walk around/ talk with students as they complete their turkey cut-out.
  6. Once the students have finished, choose a few volunteers to share their turkeys and what they’re grateful for. Mentors share too.
  7. End the lesson by explaining to students that gratefulness is so important, as it allows to you acknowledged the positive in your life!

    Download activity here


Grade Range:PreK-2nd


Time: 25 minutes


Synopsis: Mentors will share with students that they will be talking about the Thanksgiving holiday. Students will watch an educational video on Thanksgiving and then complete the turkey cut-out provided. They will color the turkey and then write a variety of things that they are grateful for on each feather of the turkey. Students and mentors will both share their turkeys.