Engineering is What?!

Engineering is What?!

Materials: Paper and writing utensil; Links to assist: What is Engineering?


Engineering: The process of designing something that solves a problem.



  1. Mentors will share with the students that they will be discussing engineering. Before beginning, inquire as to what the students already know about engineering/engineers.
  2. Define ‘engineering’ for the students. Make them aware of the different types:
    Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Civil, and many more. (The above links are very
  3. Share one, or both, of the videos above with the students. After the videos, let the students know that you will give them about 10 minutes to think about the following problem and a solution to it: Your plants need to be watered daily, but you aren’t home to do it. What can you design to solve that problem?
  4. After the time is up, go ahead and ask students to share their solutions. (Mentors, please share, too!)
  5. Wrap up this lesson with a reminder that engineering is a pretty awesome career
    choice that allows you to be creative and do so many different things!

    Download activity here

Grade Range: 6th-8th

Time: 25 Minutes


Synopsis: Students and Mentors will talk about Engineering, what it means, and the different types. Students will watch the above YouTube videos that do an excellent job explaining what engineering is. Mentors, if you or your company employs engineers, please talk with the students about that and how important that job function is to successful running of your company. Students will then take some time to think of a solution to the problem in the instruction below. ** Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer *