Emoji Christmas

Emoji Christmas

Materials: None ; Links to assist: Emoji Quiz: Can You Decode These Emoji Versions of 20 Classic Christmas Songs?



  1. Mentors will start the lesson by telling students that today’s activity is about the Christmas holiday. Explain to students that Christmas is not only national holiday, but one that is celebrated in different ways worldwide by countries such as Russia, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, etc.
  2. As a quick icebreaker, mentors will then share a few fun facts about Christmas with students:
    • “Jingle Bells” was the first song played in space, and it was originally a Thanksgiving song.
      In Ukraine, spiders are considered a symbol of good luck at Christmas.
      The Statue of Liberty is the biggest Christmas gift ever given.
      Santa has his own Canadian postal code.
      How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Jim Carrey’s version, is the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time.
      The first American settlers were the people who made Eggnog for the first time.
      In the world, there are two islands that are named ‘Christmas’ – one is in the Pacific Ocean and the other in the Indian Ocean.
  3. After mentors share the facts with students transition into the activity. Tell students that the activity is called “Emoji Christmas Songs.” Explain to the students that a variety of emojis will be displayed on the screen and they have to guess what song it is.
  4. If need be, mentors can use the first song listed in the video as an example. Once students get the swing of things, begin the lesson. When the emojis appear on the screen, pause the video and give students time to come up with their answer. Mentors choose one student volunteer to answer what they the think the song is. After they guess, play the video and reveal the song! **NOTE**- To make the lesson even more engaging, feel free to keep a tally on a piece of paper or dry eraser board of how many songs the students guess right.

    Download activity here


Grade Range:7th, & 8th


Time: 20 minutes


Synopsis: Students will watch a video containing 20 different Christmas songs. Through the use of emojis, students will have to guess what song is being described in 20 seconds. After the time is up, mentors will reveal the song and see if students guessed it correctly.