Cincinnati Museum Center & Crayons to Computers – Innovation Station!

Cincinnati Museum Center & Crayons to Computers – Innovation Station!

Materials: Innovation Station Activity, Crayons 2 Computers Crafts with Conviction “Innovation Station” Kit



1. Talk to the students about what innovation is and how important it is for innovators, entrepreneurs, and dream makers. Discuss what they saw or will see during their time in the Made in Cincinnati exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Ask students what an innovator is, can they name any innovators?

  • ***NOTE***: Cincinnati Innovators include:
    • Play-Doh by Joseph and Noah McVicker
      Kenner Toys (now Kenner Products) by Albert, Phillip and Joseph L. Steiner
      Procter & Gamble by William Procter and James Gamble –> Did you know P&G has a women’s innovator rate of 29.3%?!
      Kroger by Barney Kroge

    Innovation Definition: A new method, product, idea being developed by a person or organization.

    2. Break up students into groups of 4-6 and pair each group with a mentor. Explain to students how they will be given a kit and will have to be innovators and create something using only items from the Innovation Station kit.

  • Rule 1: Teams can only use what is in their kit to make their object and any other predetermined items if approved by mentor team (i.e. glue, scissors, construction paper, etc.)
  • Rule 2: Teams will only have 20-40min to construct their object, depending on their museum schedule.
  • ***NOTE***: Mentors should outline what the item is students have to make. For the CMC field trip students are making a Consumer Product (products that are bought by individuals or households for personal use).
  • 3. Once the instructions and rules are laid out to each team, have the students confirm they understand the task.

      “Does anyone have any questions or need clarification about the task?”

      4. Teams will have 20-40min to construct their Consumer Product. Timing depending on their CMC schedule.

    • ***NOTE***: Mentors should set a timer and announce remaining time left at 10min, 15min, and 19min marks.
    • 5. Once teams have completed their task, have each team come up and spend 1 to 2 mins demonstrating or explaining their object to the rest of the class.

      6. End the lesson by explaining how ingenuity, innovation, creativity, and critical thinking are important in all careers and jobs.


      Download CMC Innovation Station Activity HERE


    Grade Range: 3rd-8th


    Time: 30-40 minutes


    Synopsis: Working in small groups, students will learn the importance of innovation, thinking critically and creatively when creating something from what seems like nothing from a kit put together by Crayons 2 Computers Crafts with Conviction program.