Character Facebooks

Character Facebooks

Materials: Sheet provided, pencil



  1. Mentors will begin by telling students to think of their favorite book character. It can be a non-fiction or fictional character.
  2. Then define what Facebook is. **NOTE: Students will probably already know what Facebook is and maybe even have their own profile already. If this is the case, you don’t have to spend as much time defining it.**
  3. Now, explain to students that they will be making their own Facebook page but of their favorite book character. Use the template provided for students to do so. Explain to students that they will be drawing their character, answering a few questions based on what they know about their chosen character, and even writing a few posts of things they believe the character would bethinking/doing/saying/etc. Use the example provided if needed.
  4. Give students approximately 15 minutes to complete their character page. Encourage them to write more about their character than just a few words. Tell students to “be creative and use adjectives when explaining their character.” Mentors, you complete a page for your favorite book character too.
  5. Once the activity is finished, ask a few students to volunteer to share a few things about their character’s profiles. Ask questions such as:
    • Why did you choose this character in particular?
      What part of the Facebook page did you enjoy most?
      Did you like drawing out the picture of your character, writing in your facts, or creating the posts? Why?
      What was your favorite part of the book and why?
  6. After you get a few student volunteers to share, mentors can share their profiles too.

    Download activity here


Grade Range: 7th & 8th


Time: 25 minutes **Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer.**


Synopsis: Students will be given a blank Facebook profile template and complete it based on their favorite book character. They will draw a portrait of their character, create posts regarding things they remember the character thinking/saying/ doing in the book, and write down facts based on what they already know about their chosen character.