Brand In Me by P&G

Brand In Me by P&G


  • Karaoke machine or something similar where you can talk over a microphone and play music
  • Music
  • Logos below (cut out each logo)


Instructions:This lesson is divided into three sections…

  • “Name That Outfit” Fashion Show
    1. Prior to the visit, identify five team members to be your models in the fashion show and at least one to be the MC. Have each model pick an outfit in their wardrobe they would wear to a specific place (work, church, party, an interview, etc.). Make sure they are all different.
    2. Also prior to the visit, pick some music you can play during the fashion show. Preferably something that is upbeat and school age appropriate.
    3. Start the visit out with the fashion show! While each model is walking down the runway, the MC should describe each outfit, just like in a real fashion show. Once each model gets to the end of the runway, the MC should ask the student audience “Where would you wear this outfit? What does this outfit say about him/her?”. Asking these questions will help students see the importance of outward appearance and what you wear speaks to who you are as an individual, even if it’s not true.
  1. Branding
    1. After learning about nonverbal communication through visual expression (in this case fashion). In this section students will learn about brand marketing. Utilizing the brand logo pages below, give each student a logo and ask them to write on their page
      1. What is the logo
      2. What does it mean? Is it cool or not so cool? How does it make you feel? Why?
  1. While they are writing down their answers, one mentor should get in front of the room and introduce the concept of branding. (recommended, ask the students what a brand is and then proceed to explain what branding means to your organization)
  2. In small groups, preferably pen pal groups, ask each student to share what they wrote. At least one mentor should be in each group.
  3. If time permits, at least one student from each group should present their logo to the class. (This is a fun way to get them practicing their presentation skills!)
  1. Small Group Discussion
    1. This is where you take learning from the lesson and apply it. Each mentor should return to their small groups and ask each student to revisit their logo. Ask each student to consider how the logo on their paper make them feel. The energy and vibes they get when they see that brand. Now ask them to think about how the messages their personal brand sends to others and how the make them feel.
    2. Have them write/draw a logo.
    3. In small groups, have each student present their logo. You may have to ask probing questions to help them see the brand inside of them.


Download this activity here.

Created by P&G


Grade Range: 4th-8th   


Time:50 Minutes


Synopsis: In this interactive activity, students will be introduced to branding by exploring the brand within themselves. Through a series of activities and discussions, students will uncover their personal brand as well as how to market themselves.

branding, fashion show, interactive, life skills, marketing