Big Deal vs. Little Deal

Big Deal vs. Little Deal




  1. Mentors will share the above linked video with students. During the video, be prepared to press pause as students are asked to give a thumbs up if they feel the problem is a big deal or a thumbs down if they feel it is a little deal.
  2. When the video is over, ask students to share one thing that they learned. Mentors, consider sharing, as well.
  3. After you have shared the video with the kids, let them know you will be transitioning to the lesson in which they will watch another video and practice deciphering between big and little deals.

    Download activity here

Grade Range:Pre-K-2nd

Time: 10 minutes **Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer.**


Synopsis: Mentors will let students know that they will be talking about the differences between things that are a big deal vs. things that aren’t such a big deal. They will discuss
why it is important to know the difference and what that means in terms of our emotions and reactions in certain scenarios. This touches on the importance of problem solving, which is a necessary life skill. This icebreaker is to be paired with the ‘Big Deal vs. Little Deal’ lesson for PreK-2nd grade.