A Good Night’s Sleep: Would You Rather . . . ?

A Good Night’s Sleep: Would You Rather . . . ?

Materials: None



  1. Mentors will explain to the students that you will be asking them a series of 10 fun questions relating to sleep.
  2. Let students know that if they’d like to answer, they can simply raise their hand.


  • Would you rather sleep in a vat of jello or a vat of pudding?
  • Would you rather sleep for 5 days straight for stay awake for 5 days straight?
  • Would you rather sleep with a tiger in your bed or a snake?
  • Would you rather be someone who snores or someone who drools?
  • Would you rather sleep in a boat or sleep on a mountain?
  • Would you rather listen to a fan all night or a radio stuck on news radio?
  • Would you rather only be able to sleep on your back all night or only your stomach all night?
  • Would you rather sleep in a bed filled with banana peels or a bed filled with chip crumbs?
  • Would you rather sleep in a castle filled with people playing the drums all night or a cabin filled floor to ceiling with goats?
  • Would you rather fall asleep watching a movie about centipedes or listening to circus music?


Download activity here

Grade Range: 6th – 8th 

Time: 7 Minutes


Synopsis: Mentors will ask students ‘Would you rather….’ questions that relate to sleep. Mentors: be sure you answer, too! This icebreaker pairs well with our “The Science of Sleep” lesson. ** Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer **