The Adopt A Class initiative has had a profound impact on our community by fostering meaningful connections between classrooms and mentor team companies or organizations. This program plays a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience for students, providing them with valuable resources, mentorship, and a sense of encouragement. End of year studies have shown that our program supports improved academic outcome and increased motivation– all through regular programming and our layered field trip experiences for students.

Beyond the academic realm, Adopt A Class creates a sense of community engagement and civic responsibility, as it encourages businesses and organizations to actively participate in shaping the future of today’s students, who are tomorrow’s leaders.

One Hour, Once a Month Impact

As a mentor with Adopt A Class, you will find that showing up and sharing your knowledge with the students goes a long way. By dedicating one hour, once a month (October through May), you will experience the lasting impact our program has on its students.


mentor companies involved in our program.


students mentored in Greater Cincinnati.


schools have Adopt A Class mentors.

Evaluating our Impact

Programmatic monitoring and evaluation is central to our mission as an organization. We measure several key aspects of our program: our students, our mentors, and our teachers.

of students agree that they understand their schoolwork is important to be successful in a career because of AAC mentor visits.

of mentors agree that they have a deeper connection to their place of employment because of their participation in AAC.

of teachers felt students built stronger life and employability skills as a result of the AAC mentoring program.

During the 2022-2023 school year, Adopt A Class took its commitment to enhancing students’ educational experiences to new heights by introducing a range of exciting initiatives. The introduction of visits to local colleges offered students valuable glimpses into higher education possibilities, inspiring aspirations for their academic future. Through our Layered Experiences, we were able to see the impact of museum tours and activities, as well as college campus visits.

Cincinnati Museum Center Innovation Field Trip

Over 1,000 5th grade students from 50 classrooms across 21 schools Adopt A Class serves, visited the Cincinnati Museum Center’s “Made in Cincinnati” Exhibit and participated in the Innovation Station Classroom Experience.

Cincinnati State Technical & Community College Campus Experience

200 6th grade students from 5 Cincinnati Public Schools attended a Cincinnati State Campus Experience Day where students participated in various activities and presentations across campus.

University of Cincinnati Campus Experience

200 8th grade students from 8 Cincinnati Public Schools attended a University of Cincinnati College Experience Day where students participated in various activities and info sessions across campus.

What the Adopt A Class Community is Saying…

“Adopt A Class has significantly transformed BGR’s culture by fostering a sense of community and social responsibility. Employees now have the opportunity to connect with local schools and provide mentorship to students, creating a meaningful impact in their lives. This initiative has not only strengthened employee engagement and teamwork but has also instilled a greater sense of purpose and pride in our organization.”

-Phil Schneider, President of BGR Packaging

“Through Adopt A Class, we witness the collective strength of a community united in its commitment to nurturing the next generation. Together, we are building a future where every child has the support and resources they need to succeed, and where the bonds forged today lay the foundation for a thriving and interconnected community tomorrow.”

– Deborah Houser, Superintendent of Middletown City Schools

“Adopt A Class provides invaluable benefit to both the mentors and their students. Our mentors have the chance to form caring connections with the bright, eager, and loving children in our public schools, an experience that builds community among the teams and enhances their job satisfaction. At the same time, our students have the chance to be inspired by their wonderful mentors who open the world of future possibilities for them. I’ve visited school districts all over the country, and there is nothing that holds a candle to Adopt A Class.”

– Darlene Kamine, Executive Director of Community Learning Center Institute