Make Your Own Resume!

Make Your Own Resume!

Materials: Pencil, Resume template sheet provided ; Links to assist: Job Skills PowerPoint, Example Resume, Resume Template Handout



  1. Mentors will begin the lesson by asking students if they know what a resume is. Explain to students that a resume is a “document containing one’s background, skills, and accomplishments to market themselves for potential job opportunities.” Show a few example resumes to the class (you can show them yours if you would like, or use the ones provided).
  2. Next, ask students the following question: “What skills do you feel are important to have?” Give them examples such as: Communication skills, Team-working skills, Problem-solving, Time Management, etc.
  3. 3. After you have chosen a few student volunteers to answer what they think are important skills, explain to them that the first part of today’s activity is to have a group discussion about what skills different jobs should have. Tell students that a job will appear on the screen, and they must raise their hand to share what skills they think a person with that job should have. Mentors will then present the PowerPoint slideshow provided. The PowerPoint lists 5 different jobs.
  4. Once mentors and students are finished going through the PowerPoint, mentors will explain that the second part of the activity is that students get to make their own resume! Tell students to think about some skills and accomplishments they have so far. Whether that be making honor roll or playing on a basketball team, get students thinking.
  5. Mentors will then pass out the resume template provided. Make sure to walk around and help students if they look lost. Give them roughly 10 minutes to do so.
  6. Once students have finished their resumes, allow a few volunteers to share their resume.

    Download activity here


Grade Range: 7th & 8th


Time: 30 minutes


Synopsis: Mentors will complete a lesson focused on College & Career Readiness. Mentors will present the Job Skills PowerPoint to get students to begin thinking about the professional skills needed for what careers. Once students and mentors go through the Job Skills PowerPoint, students will then create their very own resume highlighting their skills, interests, and school activities.