Kindness Turkey

Kindness Turkey

Materials: Kindness Turkey Worksheet ; Links to assist: Kindess Turkey Activity



1. Share with students that the topic today is kindness. Explain to the students what kindness is and how there are many ways to show kindness to themselves, to their classmates, family, strangers, etc. Feel free to prompt students by asking the following questions:

“What does it mean to be kind?”

“Who can explain what kindness is?”

“Who can give me an example of being kind?”

2. Then explain that today’s activity is creating a “Kindness Turkey.” Tell the students that they will each receive their own kindness turkey to decorate and write how they can be kind in the feathers of the turkey.

***NOTE: Break up the classroom into smaller groups and pair a mentor with each group. Mentors will most likely need to help write in the feathers for the students.***

3. After students finish decorating and writing in how they can be kind in the feathers, go around the room and have a few (or all) students share how they can be kind. Feel free to prompt students by asking the following questions:

“How can you be kind to yourself?”

“How can you be kind to your classmates?”

“How can you be kind to your family?”

4. End the lesson by explaining how kindness is an important skill to have in careers and everyday life, and how it’s important to show kindness and empathy. Feel free to share examples of kindness in your own personal lives as you work with the students and end the lesson.


Download Kindness Turkey Activity


Grade Range:PreK-2nd


Time: 30 minutes


Synopsis: Students will learn how to express kindness and gratitude through this fun and easy Kindness Turkey activity. Students will write ways they can be kind of each feather and work alongside mentors and talk about what it means to be kind inside and outside of the classroom. Perfect for November classroom visits!