I’m Going on A Picnic

I’m Going on A Picnic


  1. Three mentors will demonstrate how this ice breaker works. Mentor 1 (Picnic coordinator in this example): ‘I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing cupcakes.’ Mentor 2: ‘I will bring ketchup. May I come to the picnic?’ Mentor 1 (Picnic coordinator): ‘No, you may not come to the picnic.’ Mentor 3: ‘I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing brownies. May I come to the picnic?’ Mentor 1 (Picnic coordinator): Yes, you may! Ask students to guess the category used in the example. (Desserts!)
  2. Mentor will then choose a picnic coordinator (a student) and will private message the teacher to let the picnic coordinator (student) know what their category is – see suggestions below
    Your picnic coordinator begins by saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing (object that fits within that category).”
  3. Students will raise their hand/toss up a thumbs up (virtually or in reality) and a mentor will call on each to share the things that he/she could bring to the picnic that would fit with the example item given by the picnic coordinator.
  4. One by one, students will say “I will bring ______May I come to the picnic?”
  5. The picnic coordinator says ‘YES you may’ or ‘NO you may not’ based on whether or not the item fits in the category.
  6. After everyone gets a turn, ask students to try to name what the category was.


    • Desserts only
    • Items you find in a classroom
    • Things you see at the beach
    • Food items
    • Items you find in a kitchen


    Download activity here

Grade Range: 3-5 

Time: 15 Minutes


Synopsis: Students will be given the opportunity to pick things they will bring to a picnic. The students will try to guess what category the items fall into. This activity allows students to practice their listening skills and will also help them to build their use of vocabulary. It’s also a great way to reinforce manners! ** Assigning students a number prior to starting this activity will help guide who goes next.**