The Great Winter Candy Pass

The Great Winter Candy Pass



  • List of questions for each group (2)
  • 2 bags of peppermint candies, one per group



  1. Students gather into two groups. Each group forms a circle.
  2. Students are given 5 peppermints to hold onto.
  3. Mentor asks the first question. If the answer is yes, students hand one piece of candy to the person to the left.  If the answer is no, students pass one piece of candy to the person on their right.
  4. Mentor continues through each questions.
  5. Whomever has the most candies at the end “wins”!

** It’s a good idea to make sure there are plenty of leftovers to share with all students!


Download this activity here

Ice Breaker: The Great Winter Candy Pass

(Life Skills)


Grade Range: PreK-8   


Time: 10 Minutes


Synopsis: Students gather in two groups and answer yes or no questions as they pass peppermints around!   This ice breaker is a fun way to learn about each other’s winter feelings!

candy, icebreaker, life skills, winter