Would You Rather…?

Would You Rather…?


  1. Introduce the game to the students by demonstrating it with a fellow mentor. Example: “Bob…would you rather eat snails for lunch every single day or be stuck without toilet paper when you need it?” Bob: “Well, Tom, I think I’d have to go with snails for lunch every day because being stuck without toilet paper when you need it is horrifying…” Or “Rachel, would you rather vacuum the entire house three times a day or do everyone’s laundry every day?” Rachel: “I’d choose vacuuming because it’s faster than doing laundry!”
  2. Each mentor can take a turn asking up to 3 students a different question. Be sure to encourage the students to answer WHY they chose what they chose.
  3. Continue asking questions for about 15 minutes or so, or until each student has gone (or really for as long as everyone is enjoying the game!)
  4. There are questions below for your use!


Download activity here

Grade Range: 6-8 

Time: 15 Minutes


Synopsis: Students will answer a series of questions, explaining why they chose what they chose, thus allowing them to share a bit about themselves to their mentors and fellow classmates. This is a great way to connect, laugh, and practice being able to explain and defend your choice.** Assigning students a number and/or listing the students in order in the group chat prior to starting this activity will help guide who goes next.**