Why Math??

Why Math??

Materials: Sheet of paper, writing utensil; Links to assist: Why Math Matters for Kids Books to assist: The Girl With A Mind for Math



  1. Mentors will present the lesson: “Today we will be talking all about why math is so important! How many of you love math? How many of you don’t really think it’s your favorite? How many of you think math is so-so?”
  2. At this point, let the students know how math impacts the work that you do at your company…why is it necessary?
  3. Share your screen (or have the teacher share hers) so that you all might watch the “Why Math Matters for Kids” video.
  4. Ask the students what they thought after viewing the video…did they have any idea of the importance of math in so many different professions?
  5. Next, share with the students that you will be listening to the book The Girls with a Mind for Math – a story about an accidental engineer who needs math!
  6. When the story book is over, let students know that you will be doing a couple of fun math riddles (provided that time allows…I have included 4, but you may not get to all 4!)

  7. Read the following riddles and give students approximately 30 seconds or so to work through them and come up with an answer. Ask for volunteers to answer each riddle.

    • I am a 2 digit number. I am between 6×8 and 11×5. The sum of my digits is 6. What number am I?
    • I have 8 ones. My tens digit is less than 8. I am half of 116. What number am I?
    • I am 6 more than the number of days in December. I am 99-62. What number am I?
    • I am the sum of 10 and another even number. I am more than a dozen. I am the
      sides on three trapezoids plus two. What number am I?

      Download activity here

Grade Range: 3rd-5th

Time: 20-25 Minutes **Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer**


Synopsis: Students will learn a few reasons as to why Math is so important in our everyday lives. Mentors will share how math impacts what they do, as well. Students will view a video, a read aloud, and then complete some math riddles!