What is a Character Trait

What is a Character Trait


  • Children’s book or short story
  • Character trait handout
  • Markers, pens or any writing utensil



  1. Read a story out loud with your students. You can read the story to them for the younger grades, or have the students take turns reading sections out loud.
  2. Pass out Character traits graphic organizer.
  3. Explain the definition of a character trait.
  4. Ask the students to each select one character from the story and identify 5 character traits, writing each trait in one of the bubbles on the handout.
  5. Discuss each trait with your students. Explore why the student chose that trait and if it is a positive or negative trait and why?
  6. If time permits, you can choose additional characters or talk about character traits in particular celebrities, athletes, family members, or TV/film characters that the students identify with.


Download this activity here.


Grade: 1st – 6th Grade


Time: 30 Minutes


Synopsis: Teach students about positive and negative character traits and how to treat others respectfully with this listening and comprehension exercise.