Trusted Adults

Trusted Adults


  • “Trusted Adults” handout
  • Pencils, markers, and/or crayons


People use illegal drugs for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, they do it because they want to fit in with friends or because they think it will make them cool. Other times, people do it because they want to escape from a stressful or difficult time in their lives, and they think drugs will help them forget about their problems. Many drugs may give people a high when they first take it and make them think things are better, but when the drug wears off, they feel may sick and have even more problems than they did before they took the drug!

It’s important for students to know that abusing drugs doesn’t solve their problems or make things better. Drugs actually make life worse! A much better way to handle problems is to talk to trusted grown-ups and ask for help. Begin this activity, by helping student define what is a drug and then using the discussion questions to further their understanding. Then the students identify up to four adults who can help them with problems. On the “Trusted Adults” handout, students should name and draw a picture of up to four adults they can trust who can help them with problems.


What is a Drug?
A drug is a chemical that’s used to treat, cure, or prevent a disease or sickness. Many drugs, or medicines, are good for you when you need them. But there are many other drugs that are illegal or can make you sick if you don’t take them properly.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What is a drug? Can you name some kinds of drugs? What are some drugs that are good for your body and help you when you are sick? What are some drugs that are bad for your body and can make you very sick?
  2. Why do people take drugs? What do drugs do to your body?
  3. How do you use medicines safely?
  4. What would you do if someone asked you if you wanted to try a drug that you knew was bad for you? Who can you ask for help in this situation?


Invite a trusted person from the community – such as a physician, guidance counselor or police officer – to come speak to the class about making good choices related to drugs and medicine.


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: PreK – 3rd Grade


Time: 45 minutes


Synopsis: Students will learn about legal and illegal drugs and be able to identify trusted adults to whom they can turn for help with questions and problems.