The Three R’s of the Environment

The Three R’s of the Environment


  • One sheet of paper/pencil per student (or one copy of the lyrics per student)
  • Poster Board
  • Markers



  • Explain that every April, we celebrate Earth Days, Earth Day is a holiday where we show our support for protecting the environment and think about what we can do to help. Everyone can help by reducing, re-using and recycling.
  • Watch the Reduce, Re-use, Recycle video on
  • Ask students to share any specifics they remember from the video and how they relate to the 3 R’s. Have students write the 3 R’s at the top of a sheet of paper. Play the video again, and have students dill in examples of reducing, reusing and recycling from the song in the correct categories.
  • Tell the class they are going to think about ways that they have reduced, reused and recycled. Provide them with a few examples, like “using a refillable water bottle,” “Taking shorter showers” and “using newspaper to wrap birthday gifts,” and have students call out the right category.
  • Divide the class into three groups, and assign each group “reduce”, “reuse” or “recycle”. Have each group come up with a list of ideas for what they could do in their daily lives to help in their area,


Conclusion: In small groups, use markers and poster board to draw images or write words and phrases to help others learn to appreciate the planet and understand the three R’s. Posters can be displayed in the classroom or around the school.


Discussion Follow-up: As a group encourage discussion after the posters are complete. Ask students what they have learned, what they will share with others in their life about the three R’s and what questions they still have.


Download this activity here.


Grade Range: 2nd to 5th


Time: 30 – 40 minutes


Synopsis: Discuss the importance of reducing, re-using and recycling with your mentees with this lesson plan. Through this interactive lesson, students will learn ways to help protect the environment in their daily lives.