Table Manners


· Pie (enough to share with the entire class)


· Table setting chart (one for each student)


· Silverware (one for each student)




1. Explain to students that good table manners are a way of showing respect and consideration for themselves and others. Good manners make sharing a meal a pleasant and neat experience for everyone. Ask students for their ideas on what constitutes good and bad manners. Be sure the following points are covered:


· Do not begin eating until everyone is served.

· Do not talk with your mouth full.

· Chew with your mouth closed.

· Keep your napkin in your lap.

· Don’t rest your elbows on the table.

· Ask politely for things to be passed if you cannot reach them.

· Do not complain about the food.

· Do not lick your fingers or your knife.

· Don’t pick your teeth or smack your lips.

· Ask to be excused when you have finished eating and want to leave the table.


Emphasize that good manners should be used at every meal, even when dining alone, so that they become natural and habitual.


2. Serve the students a slice of pie. Divide the students into small groups and have them politely encourage each other to eat with good manners throughout the meal, giving gentle reminders when needed.


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Created by Ohio National


Grade Range: K-8th grade


Time: 35 Minutes


Synopsis: This lesson plan will familiarize elementary school children with the fundamentals of good table manners using discussion, and a hands-on activity.