Stone Soup Book by Kroger

Stone Soup Book by Kroger


  • Stone Soup Book by Heather Forest and Susan Gaber (Can be purchased on Amazon here. Select Adopt A Class on Amazon Smile and Amazon will make a donation to Adopt A Class)
  • A carrot, potato, corn, celery, other ingredients in the book
  • Pot and stirring spoon



Teach young children the importance of sharing though this fun story time activity. Stone Soup is a story about two travelers who bring together a community to feed those in the village who are in need. A powerful story to tell, this book offers lessons on community and generosity.

Before reading the book, give each student a vegetable. Begin reading and as each character in the book puts a vegetable into the pot, ask each student to put their vegetable in your pot and read the words from the book. Doing this exercise will illustrate community and sharing as well as gives the students a chance practice reading in front of others. Once you’ve read the story, talk to the students about the lessons in the story. Below are a few discussions you can use to kick off the discussion.


Discussion Questions:

  • What did you learn?
  • What would have happened if the community did not share their vegetables?
  • Why is sharing so important?


Extension: On the back of the book there is a recipe for the vegetable soup. Cook the soup beforehand and bring it to the class to enjoy after reading the book. Ask each student to draw what they learned and ask a few to share with the class.


Download this activity here.

Created by Kroger


Grade Range: PreK – 3rd Grade


Time: 45-60 minutes


Synopsis: Offer your students a great lesson on sharing and what can be accomplished when people work together in this fun, low-cost story-time activity!