Snow Your Snow

Snow Your Snow

Materials: Links to Assist: Snow Day Read Aloud , Where do Snowflakes Come From? , Books to Assist: The Snow Day



  1. Mentors will ask students what they ‘Snow’ about snow! Explain that each student may share one thing they know about snow. Ask students to raise their hands to share.
  2. After students have shared, let them know that they will be watching a video about snowflakes and where they come from. Be sure to remind students to pay close attention so that they can share a fact from the video
  3. After the video is over, and students have shared a fun fact, it’s time to read the story book: The Snowy Day. The YouTube read aloud is great!
  4. When the story is over, it’s time to share our favorite snow day activities! Ask students to share their favorite snow day activities! Mentors, make sure you share as well!

    Download activity here

Grade Range: PreK – 2nd 

Time: 20 Minutes


Synopsis: Mentors will talk with students about all of the fun parts of snow and snowflakes and where they come from. Students will watch a fun and informative video clip and then listen to the classic Ezra Jack Keats story: The Snowy Day. Students and mentors will then share their favorite Snow Day activities! ** Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer **