Shhh… Listen!

Shhh… Listen!

Materials: Links to assist: Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen



  1. Mentors will begin the lesson by showing the YouTube read aloud Howard P. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen.
  2. Let the students know that they will need to be very good listeners because you will be asking them to share one thing that they learned from the story
  3. When the story is complete, encourage students to raise their hands (or use the raise your hand/thumbs up feature) to share one thing they learned about being a good listener.
  4. When all have shared who would like to, go ahead and begin talking about the following:
    • What happens when you are not a good listener? Seek student answers. Include some examples if they are not able to come up with many…things such as: we may not know what we are supposed to do, we may miss an important safety warning, we may not have many people who want to share things with us, etc.
    • What happens when you ARE a good listener? Seek student answers. Again, include examples if they are not able to come up with many… people will want to tell us things, we will always be prepared because we will have all of the information that we need, we may be safer, etc.
    • End the lesson by asking the students to practice their good listening skills as much as they can!

      Download activity here

Grade Range: Pre-K-2nd

Time: 20 minutes **Consider using the hand raise/thumbs up feature of your virtual platform to assist with determining who will answer**


Synopsis: Mentors will talk with students about the importance of being a good listener. Why is it so important? What happens when we are NOT good listeners? What happens when we ARE good listeners?