Pumpkin Stand

Pumpkin Stand


  • 20 straws per group of students (so approximately 200 straws total (bendy and non-bendy)
  • 4 feet of tape (scotch, masking, etc…)
  • 25-30 Mini pumpkins
  • scissors



  1. Students will break into teams of 3-4 students.
  2. Students will find on their tables the supplies listed above.
  3. Mentors will explain to the students the activity – they will be utilizing the materials in front of them to create a structure that is strong enough to hold the weight of their mini pumpkins with only 15 minutes to work!
  4. When their time is up, students will share out with the rest of their class the result: Were they successful?If not, why?

Talking Points:Which straw worked best?  Which tape? Why?  What strategy worked well to accomplish this goal?  What would you have changed?


Lesson Challenge/Extension: Ask students to attempt to hold TWO pumpkins and/or give them a shorter time limit!


Download this activity here.

(STEM, Teamwork, Cooperation, Explanation)


Grade Range: 3-6 grade   


Time: 25 Minutes


Synopsis: Students use materials provided to build a stand to hold up their mini pumpkins!  This STEM activity asks students to work as a team, cooperate, and clearly and concisely, be able to explain how/what they did as a team to be successful!

Fall, life skills, Pumpkin, STEM, Teamwork