MLK Day Mobile

MLK Day Mobile


  • Template form with writing prompts
  • Writing utensils
  • Yarn
  • Blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Hole punch
  • MLK Day one-page overview to read at the start of the lesson



  1. Students will complete this work at their desks
  2. Students will fill out the writing prompts
  3. Adopters will pass out one sheet of blue paper, one glue stick, one pair of scissors and 3 pieces of yarn to each child
  4. After students complete their prompts, they will cut them into cloud shapes to paste onto their blue paper, also cut into a cloud shape.   (Some students may need assistance with this)
  5. After their cloud shapes are cut, they will create a header cloud (“My Dreams”); Their dream clouds will be attached via yarn to their header cloud creating a mobile!
  6. Adopters can go around and punch holes – one into the bottom of the header cloud and one into the tops of each of their three dream clouds.
  7. Students can attach their dream clouds to their header clouds using the yarn provided. Ta-da!  Mobile!


Talking Points: How can we work to make our dreams come true?  How did MLK work to make our world a better place?  How can we do the same?


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MLK Day Mobile

(Life Skills, College & Career)


Grade Range: 3-6   

Time: 45 Minutes


Synopsis: Students are asked to think about their dreams for themselves, their world, and their community.  They are given materials and asked to create a mobile using those materials after hearing a bit about MLK.