Making Clouds!

Making Clouds!

Materials: Cloud Type sheet provided, Glue, Cotton Balls, Markers, Scissors
Links to assist: Types of Cloud, Types of Clouds Handout



  1. Mentors will begin the lesson by asking students to look out the window and name a few things they see. When students eventually share that they see a cloud in the sky, explain that today’s lesson will be about clouds. (If it isn’t a cloudy day, skip this part and just explain that the lesson for today is clouds—how they’re formed and types.
  2. Next, tell students that they will be watching a 10-minute video on Clouds. The video covers cloud types, what they’re made of, and why clouds are white.
  3. Once the video is finished, ask students what weather is most common during Spring. When a student eventually says rain, explain how rain comes from Nimbus clouds. Then introduce that today’s activity will be making models of each of the cloud types. Students will each be handed the Cloud Type sheet provided, as well as markers, glue, and cotton balls. With their knowledge from the video, allow the students to create each cloud type out of the cotton balls and glue. (Stratus, Cumulus, Cirrus, & Nimbus).
  4. If students appear lost, place a picture on the projector of each cloud type for guidance. Make sure the photo contains what each cloud does. ***EXAMPLE: Nimbus clouds are rain clouds, so find a diagram that has rain coming out of a nimbus cloud.***
  5. When students have created all four of their clouds, choose a few student volunteers to share their clouds.
  6. After students have shared their cloud diagrams, share a few fun facts!
    • “Rain, snow, sleet and hail falling from clouds is called precipitation.”
      “Some clouds that you see in the sky come from airplanes. These are called contrails.”
      “Clouds can hold millions of gallons of water.”
      “Cirrostratus clouds are what cause a halo you see around the sun.”
      “Clouds can travel at more than 100 mph (160 km/h) with the jet stream.”
      “Jupiter and Saturn have clouds of ammonia.”


    Download activity here


Grade Range: PreK-2nd


Time: 30 minutes


Synopsis: Mentors will introduce students to the 4 different types of clouds. Students will watch a 10-minute-long video that covers each cloud type and then create the clouds out of cotton balls, glue, scissors, and markers. Mentors will finish the lesson by sharing a few fun facts about clouds.