“Look How I Have Grown!” Flower

“Look How I Have Grown!” Flower


  • Flower kit: Flower cut outs (6 petals per students, 1 center of flower per student, 1 stem per student, and 2 leaves per student; consider putting the pieces in large Ziploc bags so they are organized when you pass them out!)
  • Glue sticks – many glue sticks!
  • Markers/flair pens
  • List of sentence starters – if possible, try to write these on the board as well (viewable when downloaded)


** (For students in PreK-1, consider pre-writing the prompts on the petals prior to giving them to the students)



** Begin the activity time by talking with the whole group about all of their wonderful accomplishments this school year.  Define the word “accomplishment” for them, talk with them about how each year they will continue to grow, not just in size, but in knowledge, too!


  1. Students will work in groups of 3-4 with one mentor.
  2. Each student will receive one flower kit and one glue stick. Writing utensils should be on desk/tables.
  3. Mentor will read one sentence starter to the group and allow students time to write that sentence starter on their petal, followed by the answer. Repeat for each petal.  (It can be tough to come up with answers, so you may want to help here!)
  4. After each petal is filled with sentence starters & answers, students can begin assembling their flower!
  5. When students have completed their flowers, ask if they would like to share all of their accomplishments with either their small group, or the class as a whole!


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“Look How I Have Grown!” Flower

(Life Skills)

Grade Range: PreK-2   

Time: 40 Minutes


Synopsis: Mentors will talk with students about all of the wonderful accomplishments and growth that has taken place this year before working with the students to create a flower that represents all of that growth!

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